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My First Squirt Having Real Sex! GOOOOOOD Date: Apr 30th @ 10:23pm EDT
As I told in a previous blog, that I had managed to squirt for the first time with my lush ... that has not changed, whenever I am going to have sex I carry it in my bag, it is always in my bag in case anything could happen that day ... and that's how it was that time, I told him to use my lush ... but there was a moment, where everything was so fast and deep, feeling him on top of me and how he pulled out his dick to hit me and brush my clit and keep penetrating me ... it was those things that without the need for my toy, I was able to reach orgasm ... thanks to this incredible friend
What i do in my normal life? Date: Apr 13th @ 10:13pm EDT
I study audiovisual media, I have always felt a great passion for film and television, not in front of the cameras ... because I am very shy lol, but I love to create and that is what the career I chose allows me to do, for me the Art has always been something important in my life, I have stood out in that since I was young, my ability to draw, create something with my hands or simply any artistic environment has always accompanied me.

When I started my career I had an amazing feeling, like when you know you were born for something, do you understand? It was very easy for me to love each job, each subject and learn more about what I love, I would like to dedicate myself to art direction, it is my greatest dream, to create a set, choose each color, did you know that the colors of the characters or the environments where things develop influence the feelings that the director wants to generate you? Color plays a very important role in helping you connect with the situations you see on screen.
My experience with BDSM Date: Mar 13th @ 3:44pm EST
It all begins in my adolescence with my first boyfriend, he was 8 years older than me and together we began to discover bdsm, which at that time was just a fantasy for both of us; We did not have toys or any kind of experience in this, we just read a lot about it, we started to experiment with simple things, but it was 2 things which made me realize that I enjoyed the pain and not having any power in those moments, the the first time he put his hands on his neck and I discovered something that could give me a stronger orgasm than touching any other part of my body and that time he only asked me to sit on his legs just to spank my ass, when he finished my vagina was dripping because of how hot I felt, after him and to this day I have not met anyone with whom I can practice bdsm in a real way, but I have been able to practice it on camera since I started as a webcam model, I have known amazing dominant men I want to talk about in a next blog
The neighbor Date: Mar 11th @ 8:25pm EST
This boy seemed very handsome to me, since I started living in that building I wanted to meet him, but I didn't know his name and I wasn't able to get close to him ... one day he lost his wallet, with all his documents and I found it, Luckily mine, I could see his name and look for him on Facebook, I added him and we started talking there, he was very surprised by the coincidences of living at the same address and the same building, one very boring night I decided to write to him and he told me to go up to see a movie with him, I got ready, put on a hoodie and went up (I lived on the first floor and he on the last one) rang the bell and he took me to his room, we would watch Game Of Trones, the episode began and the Kisses, I was clear about what I wanted and I wanted to have sex that night with him, the chapter did not reach the middle when I was already on top of him riding his dick, bad sex, but the morbid experience I loved
My biggest sexual fantasy Date: Mar 9th @ 7:57pm EST
People who know me here know that I like to play video games, that they entertain me a lot and that almost every day I play on my xbox one, I have talked many times about my favorite games and I enjoy them a lot ... when I was a young and I was discovering porn I came across this ad of two girls, playing xbox online while they touched, that's how it became my biggest fantasy that while I play they are fucking me and touching, I would love to come while I try to continue playing
My first day as a webcam model! Date: Mar 5th @ 5:24pm EST
I started on a terrible schedule, in which I have never felt comfortable and I never have the same energy that I have in my normal schedule ... I had no idea what to wear, how to speak, private, credits, what was all that? I was very nervous, I had never put myself in front of a camera and masturbated, everything was new for me, but I decided to try it, I fixed myself, I put on a pink bodysuit and a pink hat and started, that morning that seemed eternal and where I did not understand why I was doing so bad lol, was the problem me? what am I doing wrong? so many things go through your head the first day, I did not do any private and 20 minutes before I left a user came and told me that he always spoke with the new models, he practically received me at that moment, he fulfilled my goal of 30 credits (super pathetic ) and close transmission, when you are new you do not know how much a credit is, if you won something or not ... but today that I know it was 30 I feel like a stupid, that day I was so happy, I just thought "I fulfilled my goal, definitely this is for me "and that's the whole story, who's hungry?
How did I get my first squirt? Date: Mar 2nd @ 8:08pm EST
I had been reading about the subject for many years, finding out how to achieve it, I had tried having sex, with my fingers, but I was never close to getting there, I thought I was one of those women who simply could not do it, I had seen that you can pay "specialists" to achieve it ... it sounds as if these people unlocked in you the ability to do it, but I always thought it would be weird to pay for that lol ... for the day I achieve it I was not prepared at all, it was with a user in a private and he He told me "Put all the levels of your Lush in ultra high and with long duration, place it on your clitoris and do not move it from there" ... I did so and started typing, after about 30 minutes I felt the most pleasant sensation and rest that I had ever had, I did my first squirt and felt an orgasm as real as I have never had in real sex.
The first time I had sex with a woman...OMG♥! Date: Feb 23rd @ 6:25pm EST
It all started one night that I went out to drink with my best friend and his friends ... I arrived at the place and there I met her, everything was normal, we began to drink and that is when everything becomes more fun lol whenever I went out to smoke she accompanied me and we smoked together, we started talking about our life, getting to know each other better, she is a very pretty girl, I had very high heels so she looked super short (for some reason this seems attractive to me) he started asking me if I had a boyfriend, I said no and he started talking to me about being with a girl, I as a bisexual person (I wasn't thinking that she was flirting with me) I just said yes, that I liked them a lot and now, it was nothing unusual for me, when suddenly she starts to tell me that if I liked women, why didn't I kiss her? That I wasn't gay if I didn't do what I thought of as WTF? What does that have to do with anything? I already had my drinks in my head and I don't like challenges lol I always want to win ... so I said why not? and I kissed her, it was late and we had to go, but my best friend and the boy she was with wanted to continue drinking she lived alone in an apartment near the club where we were ... we took a car and went there, when we got there I really wanted to pee, so I asked her about the bathroom LOL, she told me "I'll take you "(it was a small apartment ... she took me to the bathroom of her room and not to the guest bathroom ... by that time I began to suspect that something might happen) when we arrived there was a bra of her on the door and it was huge, so I thought, wow, great tits haha ​​I really wanted to kiss her and I did ... but things went a little further this time, so I started to touch her under her blouse and while we continued kissing I took her to bed and took off all her clothes, in I seriously wanted her a lot, she was surprised at how quickly I undressed her haha ​​... I took off my clothes and we started kissing on the bed, I loved putting her face on her breasts and sucking them ... it felt amazing and it turned me on a lot , I had always fantasized about the idea of ​​scissoring with a woman, but I never imagined that that night and with her it could happen ... my best friend and his friend were in the room and when they saw that we began to delay they went to open the door , they found us naked on top of each other but none of that mattered at the time, we were so horny so we just kept going ... by that time it was 1AM, we were very wet, rubbing ourselves was amazing, sucking her vagina, her breasts or just kissing her soft lips turned me on more and more, we arrived together while we touched, we wanted to get in everything, but we did not have a dildo LOL (I do not carry my toys with me all the time) I just wanted to give her pleasure ... so I took the first thing that looked like a penis, IT WAS A HAIRBRUSH LOL and I began to penetrate her with that ... among women we know what we like and everything was going well, I felt that I never left to get tired, then when it dawned and the light through her window began to enter she began to feel sleepy haha ​​so I quickly dressed, ordered my uber and left her apartment ... this story continues, but it is too long all that It has happened to this day, so this is the end of this blog and my first experience having sex with a woman.
The weirdest things I've done in pvt♥ Date: Feb 9th @ 5:33pm EST this space you meet many fetishes, you discover things that you did not know you liked before in your life...things that you never thought about turn you on and your whole mind changes after working on this.

When I met the "Ahegao", I had no idea what it was, how to do it and it was in the first pvt I did in my life, I had to choose a special song to be able to feel sensual and do it, then it became one of my favorite things and I've done pvts where I only do that face for hours.
Then when I met my first Master, he asked me to fill my body with candle, I was afraid of burning and being burned forever, but once I did it, I loved it, now it is another of the many things that I love to do in pvt
When you like bdsm and you are submissive and obedient it becomes a pleasure to receive an order, like licking the floor, exercising in heels, punching you in the face, holding your breath while deepthroating...sometimes just doing those things make my vagina feel wet, because being obedient for a good dominant is a pleasure.

I have had other pvts that have not been weird, but I have liked them a lot and I would like to make a mention of these, when I had a romantic dinner, with food, clothes and then sex, when I have only shared good conversations and met nice people, those people who just wanted to see me rest and took me hours to sleep and also to eat and take a break.

Hey guys! I want to know your naughtiest experience ♥ Date: Feb 2nd @ 2:09pm EST
I have had quite a few experiences that have left a mark on me, as you know I really like sex in public places, but the one I remember the most was that with a boy I met in a bar and when he took me home, in an alley after a kiss, under my pants and he took me against the wall and we did it like never before ... the next day I realized that there was a security camera on that street. Do you think there is a video of that moment?
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